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« What is Paragon 5?

Paragon 5 is a web-based program for searching MLS Listings. This means that you will use the Internet, your browser and the following web address to access the MLS: It is a requirement that you have access to the Internet and the most recent version of any of the following browsers installed on your computer. Paragon 5 in compatable with PC, Mac and iPad*.

Internet Browser Compatability for Paragon 5

*iPad is now compatable with Paragon 5 but some features have been disabled due to the lightweight browser that the system runs. Click Here for details outlining these limitations.

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« Paragon Mobile

Paragon Mobile allows real-time access to Paragon MLS from any browser-enabled device, such as a mobile phones, Android tablet, iPad or Microsoft Surface. For more information, see the following documents (pdf):

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« Recommended Paragon PC Configurations

The following configurations are suggested by Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS), the vendor for Paragon, for optimum performance of the System and Software. To view the Minimum Required PC Configuration, click here.
BKFS shall not be responsible for System performance when User Equipment does not meet at least the "Minimum" configurations as specified in the provided document.

« Paragon Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register for Paragon training?
A: Go to and click on the red Paragon Training link on the right side to register online. Basic Paragon training is approximately 3 hours and although not mandatory, is highly recommended.

Q: Do I have to install anything on my computer in order to access Paragon?
A: Paragon is a website that you access using a web browser on your computer. You can access Paragon using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari web browsers. The Paragon website is No additional software installations are needed.

Q: If I know the MLS number or Address I want, what is the fastest way to search?
A: From the Paragon homepage, type the MLS number or Address in the "Quick Search" section located in the top left corner of the screen. Separate multiple MLS numbers with a comma.
Shortcut: The enter key on your 10-key number pad can be used as a comma in Paragon.

Q: If I know the location I want to search, do I have to open the location box to find it?
A: No. Simply type the name of the municipality in the box and text completion will display your options. When your option is highlighted, simply hit enter.

Q: If I don't know the code for a location, what is the easiest way to find it?
A: Again, simply type the name of the municipality you want and text completion will search for it. When it displays, the code will show as well.

Q: My buyer wants a 2 or 3+ garage. When I enter that in Paragon, I get no matches. Why?
A: If you are asking for multiple features within the same feature group (i.e. Garage), you need to add your choices in right column marked "Must Have 1 or More".

Q: How can I print 75 listings at once?
A: Once your 75 matches are loaded on the screen, click on the Print + button, make sure All Listings is selected under Available Print Options, and choose the type of report you want to print. You may pick different reports for the same property if desired. As printing 75 listings at a time uses a lot of paper and toner, you may want to try to view them on the screen first and then select the ones you really want to print. A check box is located near the photo on each view.

Q: When searching by address in Tax, 0 matches are found. Why?
A: Some of the municipalities we get data from do not include the property address in their records. Try Parcel number or Owner Name.

Q: How do I change my email address and/or phone number in Paragon?
A: You must fax (608.240.2801) or email the MLS with changes to your member information.

Q: Are there any written user manuals for Paragon?
A: Paragon is updated frequently, so it is difficult to keep a full user manual up to date. There are tutorials that cover portions of Paragon, such as Prospecting and CMA, under MLS Documents > Paragon Tutorials. The MLS Documents link is located at the top of the page when in Paragon. Articles and tutorials are also available on the Paragon Connect help site, which you can access by clicking the Help button at the top right in Paragon, right next to the Log Off button.

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