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« Showing "No Showings Yet" Listings - 08/12/14

« Multi Family vs. Single Family - 08/12/14

The Multi Family category is limited to buildings that contain two or more separate dwelling units. An exception can be made for single unit property zoned multi-family. For these properties, the listing must have the "Single family zoned multifamily" feature selected under the Type feature group. If a listing agent for this type of property chooses to enter it as Multi Family, they cannot enter it as Single Family also.

Multi-family listings are not allowed in the Single Family category, with the exception of multi family dwellings that were originally single family dwellings and can be converted back (these may be listed as Single Family and/or Multi Family). Full duplexes should not be listed in Single Family unless each side can be sold separately. In this case each side would be entered as a Single Family listing.

« Load Multiple Listing Photos Quickly - 08/12/14

Within the Picture Administration window, there is an option to Upload Multiple Photos in the upper left corner. To upload photos, click the Browse button and select all photos and then click Upload. Once the photos are loaded, rearrange as needed and Save.

When maintaining photos, if you end up with a blank box between photos, you can simply drag that blank photo graphic to the end instead of moving each photo ahead by one space. If you leave a blank box, Paragon is smart enough to ignore it in the slideshow, but reports with multiple photos and some data exports are not as smart. Bottom line -- don't leave blank spots between photos.

« Don't Care About Price Changes? - 08/12/14

For contacts receiving automatic email notifications, you can exclude listings that are sent due to a price change, and send only new listing matches and listings that are back on the market. This option is available on the Edit Email Notification screen (View Contacts, Click on the contact name, Click the Search Activity folder, Click on the search name within that folder, Click E-Mail Notification under the search, Click Edit Notification at the top of the screen). Under the result view to be sent (i.e. customer full), there is an option for Type. Simply remove Price Change and if your contact would rather not receive price changes.

« Common Questions Regarding New Withheld by Seller Status - 07/11/14

« Easy Check for Mapping - 07/11/14

A new link to validate map placement has been added after Zip Code within the add/maintain listing process. This link will show you where Paragon will place your new listing on the map. Right from this window you can adjust the map location with an easy click and drag. You can also use the plus and minus sign to adjust the zoom level. The zoom level set will display on reports within Paragon.

« Sorting Paragon Spreadsheets - 07/11/14

Within Paragon, you can set a multiple sort for the spreadsheet results display. When on the spreadsheet view, click Customize from the closest toolbar above, and select Sort. You can select up to 3 levels to sort your spreadsheet by. You can also select Ascending or Descending. This sort order will hold until you leave the Search program.

« New Paragon Accommodation for "Coming Soon" Listings To be Implemented Monday 6/16/14 - 06/13/14

MLS rules state that new listings must be submitted to the MLS within 7 days of the listing date. If you and your seller decide that a listing will not be ready for showings within 7 days, for reasons such as cleaning, remodeling, staging, professional photography, etc., you currently have the option to enter your listing in the MLS as Active or Withdrawn. If you enter your listing as Active, days on market calculate, which many argue is not appropriate. The status of Withdrawn has always confused agents as withdrawn makes it sound like the listing contract has been cancelled. To better accommodate "coming soon" listings, on June 16, the status of Withdrawn will be removed and a new status of Withheld by Seller will be added.

A listing with the status of Withheld by Seller is a property for which there is an active listing contract, but is not ready to market or show. As the property is not ready to market or show, it will not come up in Active searches, nor will it be included on public websites. In addition, days on market will not be counted during the time a listing is set as Withheld by Seller. Photos are not required while in the status of Withheld by Seller.

Contract provisions that push MLS submission out to a date beyond 7 days will no longer be allowed. You are obligated to submit your listings to the MLS within 7 days of the listing date. You will still have the option to select the status of Active, or you can select the new status of Withheld by Seller. For both options, you are required to indicate the date showings will be allowed within the first line of public remarks. If a listing is not available for showings, it is not available for anyone, including the listing company, to show. If a listing agent, subagent, or buyer’s agent shows a property before the date indicated in the MLS (which can be changed at any time), both the agent and their broker will be subject to fines of $500 for the first offense, $1,000 for the second offense, and $2,500 for the third offense.

With timely inclusion of "coming soon" listings in the MLS, all participants of the MLS will have access to information about these listings, and be fairly given notice as to the availability of showings.

« Annual Key Fees - 06/13/14

The Supra Key renewal date is June 1st of each year. Offices have been billed $175 for each agent currently leasing a key, whether it is an ActiveKey or eKey.

If you wish to "cancel" your Key lease, return your Key and charging cord to the MLS office prior to July 1st (eKey users can call to cancel). Call Chris Schwantes at the MLS office (608-240-2800) with any questions or email: chris@wisre.com.

« 2 Recent Paragon Enhancements - 06/13/14

School District has been added to the filter list for the Market Monitor. You can now customize your Market Monitor (top right of your home page) to display listings filtered by Area or School District. Click on the little gear icon to the right of the words Market Monitor to open settings. You can also change how many days back (max 7 days) you would like listing to appear for. The default is 1 day back.

You can now store multiple Message Bodies for inclusion in emails from Paragon. Click Preferences, Email, and Message Body. This functionality works the same way as storing multiple Email Signatures. Within both of these preferences you have the ability to set one as your default and to automatically include them, or insert them on the fly.

« Caution: Do Not Forward Your Personal ShowingAssist E-mails - 05/05/14

E-mails sent to you requesting a showing via ShowingAssist, as well as feedback emails sent from ShowingAssist include a clickable link directly to your personal ShowingTime portal. Within this portal you can see your showing history, see all showing information for your listings, and have the ability to edit your personal information. If you forward these emails to other agents or directly to your seller, they will also have access to all your information via that direct link. These secure links are created to give you instant access to your personal information and expire within 7 days, and are not intended for other persons.

« ShowingAssist Action Icon Removed from Spreadsheet - 05/05/14

The schedule a showing action icon has been removed from the default spreadsheet. This has been done to speed up the time it takes to load the spreadsheet. The Schedule a Showing link is still on both the Agent Full, which is the default report when you double click from the spreadsheet, and the multi-up Showing Setup report.

« Dane County Public Records Site Upgraded - 05/05/14

If you haven't noticed yet, Dane County has updated their public records search site, Access Dane. This upgrade has allowed us once again to provide a direct link to plat maps directly from the Paragon public records display. The new Access Dane includes advanced mapping functionality and historic tax and assessment data.

« 2014 MLS Committee - 05/05/14

The MLS Committee makes decisions about changes to Paragon, the keycard system, and MLS rules. If you would like to discuss an item you feel would make our MLS better, please feel free to contact a member of the MLS Committee. Contact information for the 2014 MLS Committee can be found here. MLS staff is also available to discuss MLS services with you, but we recognize that sometimes it is easier to talk to a fellow Realtor member.

« Listings with Offers - Reminder - 05/05/14

No More Showings = PENDING. Listings that are not available for showings due to an accepted offer must be moved to the status of Pending. It does not matter if all contingencies are removed. Once you, as the listing agent, and your seller decide to stop showing a property due to an offer, you must move it to Pending. If you are still allowing showings on a listing with an accepted offer, we encourage you to change the status to either AB (offer with bump) or AC (offer-continue to show).

« Multi-Family Listings and Parking - 05/05/14

When entering a multi-family listing, please make sure you indicate the parking allowance per unit opposed to for the whole building. Within the Unit Information section, the per unit parking entries when added together should equal the total for the whole building. We are seeing listings that include the total for the whole building listed for each unit, which would make the building look like it has a whole bunch more parking than there really is.

« 2014 MLS Committee - 04/10/14

You can manually add showing requests that come in outside of the Schedule a Showing button within Paragon. To add a manual showing to your listing, click Preferences, Showing Assist and Reports. Click on the Listing Activity Report and find the listing. Click to open the listing and select Add Activity. Fill in the showing information and click Save. This manual showing will now be reflected within the showing grid and on reports. If you have opted to send feedback requests from ShowingAssist, a request will go out for this manually entered property after the showing.

« When the Automatic Update Fails - Keycard Update Refresher - 04/10/14

ActiveKEY Updating (Manual style)
Okay, so your key has a message "Key Expired" and you have a showing, here's what you do:
Call KIM Voice (listed on back side of your ActiveKEY 888-968-4032) and follow the instructions:

eKEY Updating (Manual Style) You will normally not have to update your eKey manually, but if a message box appears upon opening the eKey App and you are given a choice of Performing a wireless Update OR entering an emergency update code, your eKey failed to update automatically and you will need to perform a manual update.

Select "Perform a wireless Update" to connect via cell towers to the Supra Key system and update the eKey - quick and easy, but if that fails, you can:

Select "enter an emergency update code" which requires you to have the update code (obtained by calling KIM Voice 888-968-4032, same process as for the ActiveKey, above) - you will need your key serial number & PIN for this option (serial number shows up at top of screen when you open the ekey app on your phone)

Your phone service provider will periodically update the operating system on your phone. When this happens, the ekey software on your phone may require a reactivation (reauthorization) code. You will also have to reauthorize the eKey software if you purchase a new phone and download the eKey App on the new phone. Reauthorization codes are different from Update codes - you can call the MLS office or Supra Technical Support (877-699-6787) for assistance with reauthorizing your eKey.

« Searching by Date Range is Now Easier - 03/12/14

New time period pick lists have been added to search screens within Paragon. Instead of selecting a beginning and/or ending date by entering dates in a very specific format, you can now select options such as 12 Months Back, 90 Days Back or This Month from a pick list. Look for this new option to the right of the traditional beginning and ending date range search options.

« Windows 8 and Photo Orientation - 03/12/14

Photos in Paragon fit better if they are taken horizontally. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to capture a room horizontally (especially bathrooms) and one is forced to take a vertical shot. Vertical photos, when loaded into Paragon, display with white space to the left and/or right. Within Windows 7/XP, when pulling up vertical photos before loading them to Paragon you have to flip them or they will appear sideways within Paragon. This is obvious, as how you see the photo on your screen will be how it appears in Paragon. With Windows 8, however, vertical photos appear normal, but when you load them into Paragon they will load sideways. Windows 8 recognizes that the photo was taken vertically and within the Windows 8 picture view displays it correctly even though it is actually still stored sideways, so you do not realize it will load into Paragon sideways. In order to load your vertical photo correctly using Windows 8, open it in a photo editor such as Microsoft Paint (found under Start - Accessories - Paint). Within Microsoft Paint it will display as it will load, which is sideways. So before loading your photo into Paragon, you need to click the rotate button on the toolbar at the top of the page and resave the photo.

« A Few Small Enhancements Added on March 5 - 03/12/14

« REAL Trends Top Thousand - 03/12/14

REAL Trends is trying to locate the top 1,000 agents to be listed in their publications this summer. If you think you may qualify (at least 50 closed residential transaction sides or $20 million in closed sales volume for 2013), click here to apply online. The deadline is March 31. There is a $40 application fee.

« Photos - Don't Use Them if You Did Not Take Them - 02/11/14

When entering a property into the MLS, please include only photos that you have either taken or have permission to use. You may be tempted to use a cool photo of a nearby park, bluff, lake, etc. that you have found on the internet. It is really easy to right click and save. Please be aware that even if the photo does not include the copyright symbol, it is protected, and using it is copyright infringement.

Please keep in mind that the photos you enter in the MLS are sent to many public websites. Technology makes it easy for owners of photos to seek out websites that include their photos. Our MLS is aware of one situation whereby a local agent was held accountable for a photo that was included on a listing on his public website. He was not the listing agent of this listing. The photo was included in the IDX feed from our MLS. The photo was loaded by another agent that did not have permission to use that photo. Yes, that is correct, the agent displaying listings via our IDX had to pay for copyright infringement because another agent from another company loaded a photo into the MLS that they did not have permission to use. So, if you load a photo you did not take or do not have permission to use, not only can you be held accountable, but others displaying your listing on their website can be held accountable also.

The MLS recently emailed information regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to all Brokers in our MLS. This packet includes instruction on how you can minimize your risk. Click here for a copy.

« Take a Minute to Check your List of Contacts for Opt-Outs - 02/11/14

Contacts who are no longer getting auto-emails from Paragon because they have been set to "opted out" can be identified on the contact view spreadsheet (Contacts, View/Manage Contacts) as those with a red exclamation point and grey envelope instead of an orange envelope in the email column.

In addition to being flagged on this list within Paragon, you will also receive an email at the time a client is opted out.

There are two instances that would result in an opt-out. The first is that your contact clicked on the opt-out option within an email. The second happens when an email is non-deliverable due to invalid email address (which could be a typo). You have worked hard to create a relationship with your contacts. In case you miss an opt-out email alert, you may want to check your list of contacts regularly to be sure a valid client is not set to "opted out".

If a client has accidentally opted out of receiving your emails from Paragon, or if they are set to opt-out due to an invalid email address, send them the following link which will take them to a page where they can opt back in: http://p50.paragonrels.com/paragonsubscriptions/optin.aspx. This link can also be found by clicking Resources and My Links within Paragon.

« Two Updated Resources - 02/11/14

Both Tax Mill Rates and the Home Style Guide have been updated. Both of these resources can always be found on www.scwmls.com.

« Upcoming Database Changes - 01/09/14

On Monday, January 27, the following changes will be made to our listing database, and thus to our listing input profile sheets:

- The current labels for manufactured homes will be changed as follows:

- For Lots and Acreage, the current Price/SqFeet as entered by the agent will be replaced with a system calculated Price/SqFeet field. If a list price is changed, this field will automatically be updated.

MLS profile sheets have been updated to reflect these changes (new rev date 1/2014). You can always find the most recent profile sheets by clicking Profile Sheets within the orange header on the Paragon home page, or click here.

« Auto E-Mail Notifications for Contacts Now Set to Expire - 01/09/14

If you have contacts set in Paragon that receive auto-emails, this will impact you. If any of your notifications are over a year old, starting sometime this month (for some as early as this Saturday, January 11), you will be greeted with an Expiring Notifications warning box upon login. Within this box you will need to either deactivate or renew auto-email notifications that were set up over a year ago. Notification via this window will begin 3 weeks prior to the notification actually expiring. If you have several emails set to expire within this box, they easiest way to deal with them is to click the plus sign at the top to open the notifications and select those to deactivate first, and then use the box at the top to select the rest to renew.

Why are we doing this to you? We currently have over 54,000 active notifications stored in Paragon. Some of these notifications have been active for over 10 years. It is probably safe to say that many are no longer being sent to valid email addresses or to active home buyers. Paragon checks for matches for contacts receiving auto-emails every 15 minutes. Several months ago system analysts determined that Paragon would no longer be able to finish the match checking task every 15 minutes due to the ever increasing number of auto-notifications. So, they added a one-year expiration date for notifications.

« Entering Sold Comps - 01/09/14

When entering the List Date for sold comps*, enter the verifiable date on which the owner/builder began marketing the property to the public at large. This will allow the days on market calculation to truly reflect the open market exposure time for the property, which in turn will help appraisers locate useable comps. Comp sales that show 0 days on the market, provide limited useful data to appraisers when they are choosing sales for an appraisal, as the definition of market value requires adequate exposure time on the open market. When entering a sold comp, change the default status on the add listing screen from active to sold at time of input. You will then be allowed to put in a list date past the 7-day allowance.

*Listings not included on MLS when active, but added after they close. These listings are typically FSBOs, building contracts, and one-party listings.

« Search By Map - 01/09/14

As searching by map has become very popular, we have moved the map search field from the advanced search criteria to the top of the primary search criteria. If you have never customized your search screens in Paragon, you will now find the Map search prominently at the top of your search screen. This default change will not be reflected if you have set your own default in the past by customizing and saving your own version of the search screens.

If you have a listing that is not mapped correctly, it may be missed if an agent is searching by map. Please make it part of your routine to always check the map placement when adding a new listing. If the map placement is not correct, you can adjust it under Listing Maintain - Change GeoCode. When the map displays under maintain, click on the orange map placement marker and move it as needed. Switching to a bird’s eye view (click the down arrow to the right of Automatic in the map menu bar) and using the zoom feature helps to pinpoint the exact location. Click Save to save your changes.

« Labeling Square Footage Correctly - 12/09/13

A room is considered to be above grade only if the entire level that room is located on is above ground level. A finished room that has exposure (at least 8% of square footage is window space), but is on a level that is not completely above ground level, should be included as Below or Partially Below Grade Exposed. Within Paragon, there is a search option for Finished Exposed SqFt. This field searches against a combination of the Above Grade and the Below or Partially Below Grade Exposed square footage fields. Even if you have just one lower level room that is exposed, make sure to include that room as Below or Partially Below Grade instead of lumping it in with the rest of the lower level as Non-Exposed. Doing this will increase the square footage for the Finished Exposed SqFt searches.

Click here for a must have resource to help you classify square footage correctly.

« What Can be Counted as Finished - 12/09/13

According to MLS guidelines, for square footage to be considered finished, the space must be heated, have finished walls (painted concrete does not count), have a finished ceiling (no exposed floor joists), and have a finished floor (painted concrete does not count). If one of these four components is missing, the space can still be considered finished, but disclosure of the missing component must be included in the MLS remarks.

« How to Avoid Jumping a Listing - 12/09/13

We have recently received a few reports of agents contacting sellers before their listing contract expires with another agent. This is a violation of both MLS Rules and the Realtor Code of Ethics.

Click here for an article on how to avoid jumping a listing.

« Updated Farm Associated Document - 11/12/13

Based on input from folks that list farms, we have made a few additions to the Farm Associated Document. This Associated Document is required for all Single Family and Lot listings that are marked as Type = Farm. The most up-to-date Associated Documents can always be found by clicking Assoc Docs in the orange menu bar at the top of the homepage within Paragon. Please use this updated form for all new Farm listings being entered.

« From Tax Record to MLS Listing(s) - 11/12/13

Most of you know that you can click on the tax_icon to see the tax record of a property when looking at a listing in full detail. What most of you probably don't know, however, is how to do the reverse. When looking at a tax record within the Paragon tax program, you can easily link to the MLS listing(s) for that property. To do this, click Actions and MLS Link from the tool bar.

« Check Out Your Options for Customer Reports - 11/12/13

If you are printing or emailing a customer report of your own listing, you may want to consider using the Customer w/Agent report. This report is a cross between the Agent Full and the Customer Full. This report does not include the confidential broker-to-broker fields, but does include listing agent information. This report, along with 5 other customer full reports, can be found under Available Reports and Details.

« Set YOur Desired Default Font for Paragon E-Mails - 11/12/13

Did you know you can set a default font type and font size for emails you send from Paragon? The global default setting is Arial 12pt. If you would like to change this, click on Preferences and User. Then click on System Preferences and User Interface. Under Editor Font Family, click on the font style you like, and under Editor Font Size choose a font size you like. You can also change the font color if it strikes your fancy. Click Save to exit.

« NEW - Include Spouse/Secondary Name and E_Mail within Contact - 11/12/13

Fields have been added on the Contact Information screen for Spouse/Secondary Name and E-Mail address. After entering the email address for the primary contact name, select Spouse/Secondary to enter a second email. Only one email appears on this screen at a time, but multiple emails are saved. Click the checkbox to automatically include the spouse/secondary email for auto notifications.

« NEW - MLS Mobile App Now Available! - 10/10/13

Search the MLS database on your iPhone or Android via an app. This new app can be downloaded at no charge from your app store by searching WI Listings or click here for a QR code. This new app will allow you to search South Central WI MLS and Metro Milwaukee MLS listings. This app is for member use only. Use your Paragon login (case sensitive - i.e. Sally Realtor).

This new app includes not only the ability to search for active and recent off-market listings, but also access to our agent roster, ability to schedule showings, and a cool option called HomeSpotter. HomeSpotter allows you to simply point your phone at a property to receive information about it.

« Where Do I Find My MLS ID? - 10/10/13

The fastest way is to click on the little computer icon on the bottom left corner of the Paragon Home screen (next to the session time). You can also find it by searching for yourself via a member roster which can be accessed from the Membership button on the Paragon top tool bar. Programs such as RPR need your MLS ID in order to link your login to our MLS data.

« Paragon Searching Tip - 10/10/13

When searching in Paragon, you can enter multiple entries for most fields. If there is no pick list to choose from, you simply include a comma or tab between entries. Examples of a couple non-pick list fields are Lake/River Name and Subdivision. If you want to search both Lake Mendota and Lake Monona for example, you would type Mendota, Monona. For Firefox users, a comma works better than a tab.

« Entering Street Name for Properties on County Roads - 09/12/13

For many years, we have mandated that the street name for properties located on a highway be entered as Hwy. Recently, however, we have discovered that a few heavily used public real estate search sites no longer map Hwy for county roads correctly, and thus listings flowing from our MLS to these sites are coming up with incorrect maps. After doing some research, we have determined that the best way to enter county highways within Paragon so that they map correctly on public websites is to use County Road instead of Hwy. State highways and Interstates are currently mapping fine and no change will be made.

During the afternoon of Thursday, September 12, all listings within Paragon that display a street name of Hwy followed by an alpha character (i.e. Hwy A), will be converted to County Road (i.e. County Road A). From this point forward, please enter listings located on county roads as County Road instead of Hwy. State highways and Interstates will continue to be entered as Hwy. For an updated list of acceptable street tags, click here.

« Please Follow the Rules - 09/12/13

In order to provide the most timely and accurate listing information, your MLS enforces a set of rules. A summary of these rules can be found here. We don't like enforcing rules. We would rather spend our time making your MLS better, and helping you use Paragon more efficiently. So please follow the rules.

If you do find a listing that you feel breaks the rules, you can click the Correction button within the top tool bar and type a quick note as to what the issue is. We will contact the listing agent to resolve the issue. Your name will be kept confidential.

« Photo Slide Show - 09/12/13

Clicking on a property photo within Paragon will enlarge it and open up a slide show. At the top of the slide show there is a Maintain button that quickly takes you to the screen to add/delete/change photos and photo labels.

« Photos for Properties Under Construction - 09/12/13

When entering a property that is under construction, you may include a sketch or a photo of a similar model. If you use a photo of a similar model, please make sure the photo is marked with "similar model". You can use our new photo labels to easily accomplish this. Photos are not required for properties under construction, but they sure are appreciated! If during your listing term the property is completed, a photo is required at that time. If your listing sells before or during the construction phase, and you take the time to snap and add a photo later of the finished home, you are a rock star!!

« Enhancement to Auto Email Notification - 09/12/13

For contacts receiving automatic email notifications, you now have the option to exclude listings that are sent due to a price change, and send only new listing matches and listings that are back on the market. This new option is available on the Edit Email Notification screen. Under the result view to be sent (i.e. customer full), there is a new option for Type. Simply remove Price Change if your contact would rather not receive price changes.

« Photo Size and Resolution Increased - 08/07/13

Photos up to 10MB can now be directly uploaded into Paragon. The maximum allowable image size (resolution) has been increased to 1280 x 960. If you currently resize your photos before loading them into Paragon, you should be able to skip this step if your photo is under 10MB (1280 x 960). Paragon will automatically resize your photo to 128K, which is an increase from 32k.

« Enhancement to the CMA Summary Report - 08/07/13

The CMA Summary Report has been enhanced in that you can now add fields (i.e. age, acres, number of baths) to display on that report. The option to add fields can be found under the Customize drop down at the top of the page when looking at a CMA Summary. If you add fields, you will need to use pdf as your print option on the Print Plus screen as your report will automatically switch to landscape.

« No More Showings = PENDING - 08/07/13

Listings that are not available for showings due to an accepted offer must be moved to the status of Pending. It does not matter if all contingencies are removed. Once you, as the listing agent, and your seller decide to stop showing a property due to an offer, you must move it to Pending. If you are still allowing showings on a listing with an accepted offer, we encourage you to change the status to either AB (offer with bump) or AC (offer-continue to show).

« No Showings Until... - 08/07/13

All MLS eligible properties must be made available for showings on the date of listing unless otherwise specified in the listing contract. If a seller has requested that showings be suspended for a reason other than an accepted offer, the listing must be either moved to a withdrawn status, or can be left as active, but the first line of the public MLS remarks must be altered to include the date showings will be allowed. If the seller cannot specify a specific date, the listing must be placed in withdrawn. If a property is listed as a "no show", no agent, including the listing agent, is allowed to show that listing.

« Searching by Location in Paragon - 07/12/13

When searching by Location, there are a few shortcuts you can use to enter multiple locations in the same general area:

« Get the Best Zoom for your Listing - 07/12/13

The map that displays when clicking on the blue M icon from Paragon full displays, and on reports (i.e. customer full with map) can be adjusted to display a preferred zoom level. You can find this adjustment under Listings, Maintain and Change GeoCode. Once you adjust the zoom level and save it, the map on views/reports will hold that zoom level.