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« How Do I Get My Listings On The Internet

On each MLS profile sheet, under the "Listing Broker Information" section, you will find a Yes/No question for the Internet. Answer "Y" if your seller would like their listing to appear on the Internet. Enter "N" if your seller does not want their listings to appear on the Internet. Enter "X" if your seller would like their listing to appear on the Internet, but without the property address.


« What Websites Will My Listings Appear On? is a website owned and operated by the South Central Wisconsin MLS. It is hosted in conjunction with Homesnap. A subset of data for all active Single Family, Condo, Multi Family, Lots and Acreage and Business/Commercial listings that have been flagged as "Internet = Y" appear here. Listings flagged as "Internet = X" also appear but with NO property address. All photos appearing in Paragon also display in the order they appear on Paragon. The MLS remarks along with the remarks are included. Please remember that your audience for the Wisconsinhomes remarks is the internet public, so don't miss an opportunity to market yourself here. is a website owned in part by the National Association of REALTORS. This website contains listings for sale throughout the country. A subset of data for all active listings that have been flagged as "Internet = Y" appear here. Listings flagged as "Internet = X" also appear but with no property address. All photos appearing in Paragon also display. You can have more control over data content, add photos and Virtual Tours or showcase your listing by purchasing an upgrade package from If interested, call 1-800-878-4166.

MLS Company Websites. The MLS maintains a RETS Export that contains a limited subset of data for each active listing in the MLS. The data included is the same data displayed on Through its Internet Data Exchange (IDX) program, the MLS allows MLS Participant Members to display MLS listings on their company website. Listings flagged as "Internet Y" are included. Listings flagged as "Internet = X" are also included, but with no property address. and The MLS provides an opt-in direct feed of listings to Zillow and Trulia. If you would like your listings to appear on and, the broker of your company should email to request that your company listings be included in our direct feed to Zillow and Trulia. There is no cost for this inclusion.

In addition to the office opt-in, there is also an option to override the office setting and opt-in or opt-out per listing. This field is called Zillow-Office Override, and is located within the Open House/Tour/HitCount tab within Maintain Listing.

*You can gain more exposure as the listing agent on your listings by setting up a free profile on both Zillow and Trulia. Click here for instructions: Join Zillow/Trulia - After completing your Zillow profile, a profile on Trulia will be automatically generated for you, eliminating the need to create and manage two separate profiles.

ListHub Partner Websites. If your Broker subscribes to ListHub, your listings will be included on 70+ national real estate websites such as, and

For a list of current ListHub Website Channels, click here

ListHub Setup
Click here for Video Instruction on setting up a ListHub account

ListHub Support
BROKERS AND AGENTS: If you currently have a personal ListHub login:

  1. Login at
    (If you are having issues logging into your ListHub account please click here
  2. Click "Support" in the upper right corner - if an F.A.Q. item does not resolve your issue click "Request Support" from the top of the screen.
  3. Enter your issue. Please include sample MLS numbers and URLs for your request!
  4. Click the "Request Support" button at the bottom of the page.

BROKERS AND AGENTS: Phone support for paid customers:
If you have an upgraded ListHub account including access to reports, you may login to your accountand click "Support" to access the special phone extension for telephone support. Phone support hours are Monday through Friday between 9AM and 8PM EST.


« How Often Are The Websites Updated?

FTP files containing new and updated listing data, property photos, open house information, virtual tours, agent/office information and photos are posted to our ftp site between 3:00AM and 4:00AM each morning (7 days per week). picks up and posts these updated files each day by 9:00 a.m. picks up the listing data and photo files within 24 hours (M-F). Open house data and Virtual Tours from the MLS are not displayed on Access to listing data, property photos, open house information, virtual tours and agent/office information is available via RETS 24 hours per day.


« My Agent/Office Info Is Incorrect...How Can I Change This?

Agent and office information come directly from the Paragon system. Modifications to agent/office information can be quickly changed by contacting Support at the MLS via email or calling 608.240.2800.


« What Can I Do If My Listing Shows Up For Rent Online?

  1. Contact the website and ask that the ad be removed.
  2. Contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection at 800-422-7128.
  3. Contact the Police Department for the municipality the property is located in.
  4. Place a sign in/on the front door clearly stating that the property is NOT for rent and refer any questions to the listing agent.

Often times you can spot these scams as there are more than a few misspellings in the emails, and the structure of sentences may be awkward or very formal. This is a result of language translation programs.