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« Who can lease an eKEY?

Licensed Real Estate Agents and/or Brokers who are REALTOR members of a REALTORS© Association.

Licensed or Certified Appraisers who are REALTOR members of a REALTORS© Association.

State Certified Home Inspectors Who are AFFILIATE members of a REALTORS© Association.

Personal Assistants who are licensed or unlicensed. Assistant form (click here for a copy in .pdf format) must be completed along with an eKEY Lease Agreement. The eKEY is assigned to the agent. All fees are applicable.

If you fall under one or more of these categories, you are eligible to lease a key, subject to the execution of an eKEY Lease and Usage Agreement (click here for a copy in .pdf format).

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How do I get my eKEY?

Where: SCWMLS Office located at 4801 Forest Run Rd. Madison, WI

When: 8:30am-4:00pm Monday through Friday

Payment Types: Visa - Mastercard - Cash - Personal Checks made payabe to MLS Corp

Please allow for 30 minutes of training. Only one eKEY will be issued per person.

Additional Information

Each Keyholder will be responsible for maintaining control of their Activekey. It is not to be loaned to another agent/associate or any other person. Violation of this rule will result in a fine up to $1,000 to the Keyholder and $1,000 to the Participant Member. Such violations may also result in loss of key privileges and/or MLS services.

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« What is an eKey?

Android User Manual
Blackberry User Manual
Palm/Windows User Manual

You can choose from a wide selection of Supra-certified Smartphones or PDAs, the same devices that many of you already carry! Just add Supra software and your device becomes your lockbox key.

There are 2 levels of eKEY service that can be added to your Smartphone or PDA.

eKEY Basic lets you open iBoxes to retrieve listing keys & gives you the ability to program your own iBoxes. $175.00 annual fee paid to SCWMLS.
(effective January 4, 2010)

eKEY Professional includes updated MLS information, a complete roster of agents, maps, and showing details right on your device. The $175.00 annual fee still applies (paid to SCWMLS). There is a $50.00 activation fee and an additional $12.83/month (paid directly to GE Security).

To add new eKEY service to your Smartphone, please call the SCWMLS Office. You will be asked to make sure you have a compatible phone and if you want the eKEY Basic or the eKEY Professional. You may set up your monthly eKEY fees with a Visa or Mastercard. If you are currently using the eKEY, you will have to return it. The $50 deposit will be refunded to you at that time.

For a list of Compatible Smartphone Devices, please refer to the Current Devices Chart. The purchase of a FOB device is required to be able to use the eKEY on your Smartphone. The cost of the FOB is $58.00.

eKEY for iPhone requires an iTunes account. Please be sure that this is setup prior to making an appointment for an upgrade. You may also download the eKEY Application (located within the iTunes Store) prior to coming into the SCWMLS Office.

An iPhone adapter is required for this application. iPhone adapters are available at the MLS office.

New Member eKEY Fee Schedule for Sept-Oct 2016:

Annual Fee* Equip Purchase Processing Fee Total Due
$43.75 $58.00 $50.00 $151.75

*Annual fee of $175.00 billed June 1st of each year after

eKEY Users - ReAuthorizing your eKEY application. For instructions, click here.

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« What is a Cooperating Key? Why is it useful?

There are keyboxes on properties everywhere in Wisconsin. Although these keyboxes all look the same, they may not have the same system code programmed into them.

The SCWMLS and the Rock/Green MLS currently share the same KIM system.

Keyboxes on properties listed by Realtors that are not members of the SCWMLS or Rock/Green have codes programmed into the keyboxes that prohibit our eKEYs from accessing them.

Having your eKEY added to another area's KIM System, allows you to show more properties in Wisconsin.

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« How do I access Keyboxes around the state?

The SCWMLS currently has reciprocal agreements with the following REALTORS© Associations for use of keycards:

Call the SCWMLS office (608.240.2800) or email Chris at to be added to a cooperating KIM system.

We will then notify the KIM administrator to add you to their KIM system. This process can take up to 24 hours. You will not be able to show the same day of request.

Instructions will be provided when you call the SCWMLS with your initial request.

There is currently no charge to access cooperating KIM systems.

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« Are You Violating Key Rules

When you picked up your eKEY, you were required to read and sign the eKEY Lease and Usage Agreement and participate in a training session.

The eKEY supplemental equipment belongs to the agent; however, access to the system will be terminated if the agent is a non-member.

Sharing is not allowed; as specifically stated in Section 6(d) of your eKEY Lease and Usage Agreement. A fine may be assessed.

Security - Section 6 (a) and (c) of your eKEY Lease and Usage Agreement - do not leave your PIN in your pouch or attach your PIN to your eKEY. You will be held responsible if your eKEY is used in criminal activities.

If you are found in violation of any of the policies outlined in your eKEY Lease and Usage Agreement, disciplinary action may range from a letter of warning to a fine of $1,000 to both you and your broker, and may also include termination of keycard and/or MLS services. The severity of the sanction will be in direct response to the severity of the violation.

Sellers, brokers, and listing agents have much to lose if a keycard should fall into the wrong hands. The keycard is a wonderful timesaving tool that also carries with it the need for a huge amount of responsibility.

If you have any questions regarding the rules and policies, you can refer to your eKEY Lease and Usage Agreement (click here for a copy in .pdf format) or call the SCWMLS office at 608 240-2800.

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« What is an iBox KeyBox

DisplayKeyImg The Supra Keybox works in conjunction with the eKEY. The Keybox holds the keys to the listed property. Any agent with an eKEY will, with proper notification to the listing office, be able to obtain the keys to show the property to prospective buyers.

Supra KeyBoxes are owned by the South Central WI MLS and loaned to MLS Participants based on their listing inventory.

Who can be issued a Keybox?
KeyBox checkout is limited to the Participant Member only.

How many are issued?
KeyBoxes are disbursed, as a general rule, at the rate of 125% of current active and pending listings in the following categories: Single Family, Condo and Multi-Family. Designated Brokers may call the office to check on their Keybox availability. Contact Chris at 608 240-2800 or by email at A Keybox Agreement must be signed by the Participant Member before any Keyboxes can be picked up. (click here for a copy in .pdf format).

What is a Shackle Code?
Each Keybox has its own Shackle Code. This releases the Shackle so that it can be attached to the listing. Shackle Codes are distributed with each new keybox and are maintained by the Broker office.

What is the Key Container?
The Key Container releases from the bottom of the Keybox using your eKEY and PIN number. This is where the keys are placed for safekeeping. To Release the key container, push up on the container and it will slide into your hand

Audit Policy
The MLS reserves the right to recall extra KeyBoxes from a Broker based on an audit of active listing inventory. There is a $3.00/day per box charge for KeyBoxes that have not been returned to the MLS office after a request for return has been made.

Assign Your Keyboxes
You can still assign your keyboxes to your listings in order to track Showing Activity. Click here for instructions.

KeyBox Access Hours
KeyBoxes come from the factory preset to open between the hours of:

Defective KeyBoxes
Defective KeyBoxes should be returned to the MLS office for repair and/or replacement.

If a KeyBox requires repair or replacement due to causes beyond normal wear and tear, the Broker will be charged $50 per defective box.

Lost KeyBoxes
Lost KeyBoxes should be reported to the MLS office immediately. There is a $50 maximum replacement charge for a lost KeyBox.

Showing Info/Reading A Keybox from Supra Web
Each time a keybox is opened, the keycard and the keybox record that activity. If you assign your keyboxes on Supra web, a message indicating how many showings you have had will be delivered to your keycard after each eSync. In addition, showing information including showing date, showing time, agent name, agent's office name, and phone, will be available to you via Supra web.

Showing Reports
To assign your keyboxes, login to Supraweb at
Click Here for instructions.

Assigning Your Keyboxes Showing reports on Supra web include showing date, showing time, key serial number, agent's name, agent's company name, and company phone number. When you get a message on your eKEY that you have had showings, login to KIMweb at and select the Showing Activity link form the left menu and follow the instructions on the screen. If you assign your keyboxes to your listings on the website, showing activity will be transmitted to your eKEY.

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