For Assistance -

  1. Call MLS Office: 608-240-2800 then press 3 (Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm)
  2. Email (if it is less urgent):
  3. Call Supra Technical Support: 877-699-6787 (7:00am - 9:00pm, 7 days a week)
    • Enter Key Serial Number (displays at top of eKEY app), then #

« What is an eKEY?

The eKEY is an app on a smartphone or tablet that allows you to

For a current list of compatible devices that can be used as an eKEY - CLICK HERE. This list is not all inclusive, and changes as new phones and tablets come on the market. If you have questions on whether or not your phone/tablet will work, you should contact Supra Tech Support (877-699-6787).

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« Who can lease an eKEY?

If you fall under one of the following categories, you are eligible to lease an eKEY, subject to the execution of an eKEY Lease Agreement (CLICK HERE) and payment of applicable fees:

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« How do I get my eKEY?

Stop by the SCWMLS Office located at 4801 Forest Run Road, Suite 101, Madison, Wisconsin 53704

Or, email

Or, call the SCWMLS staff at 608-240-2800 then press 3

FEES - Based on when you activate your eKEY, you will be billed a prorated portion of our annual fee. The key year runs June 1 through May 31.

Annual Fee Processing Fee Total Due
June-August $175.00 $50.00 $225.00
September-November $131.25 $50.00 $181.25
December-February $87.50 $50.00 $137.50
March-May $43.75 $50.00 $93.75

We accept checks and most credit cards as payment.

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« Activating my eKEY

There are 4 basic steps to activating an eKEY app:

  1. Complete an eKEY contract
  2. Pay applicable fees
  3. Download the eKEY app (FREE at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store)
  4. Get authorization code - CLICK HERE

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« Updating the eKEY - How does it work?

The eKEY app expires daily at midnight - it will then need to connect to the Supra network using cellular service or WiFi to update, which it is programmed to do automatically. If it does not update, it cannot be used to open boxes.

If the eKEY app is opened and has not already updated for the day, it immediately attempts a wireless sync.

If it is unable to sync and update, a RED "X" appears over the Update Key button. By pressing the Update Key button you will be prompted for an Emergency Update or Wireless Update.

Wireless Update: Syncs with the Supra system to update the key for the day

Emergency Update (update code): Updates a key (for the day) that has no wireless data connection. Obtain an update code from:

Click here for more details

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« Reauthorizing

You may have to reauthorize the eKEY app. If you get a new phone, you will have to reinstall the app and reauthorize it. Your eKEY app may have an error code that will require a reauthorization (this does not happen often, but could happen if there is an operating system upgrade or other major change to phone settings). To reauthorize your key:

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« SupraWEB

SupraWEB is the agent website, available at, which allows you to perform the following functions:

In order to use SupraWEB, you do need to register and set up a user ID and password. The first time you login, you will also be asked to enter your key serial number (displays at top of eKEY screen), your PIN and organization (select South Central Wisconsin from dropdown list.)

NOTE: SupraWEB can also be accessed from your device's eKEY app (second screen).

Showing Notifications

Showing notifications can be set up to go to an email address or a phone number (text).

Notifications can go to multiple parties (owner, team member, etc.)

SupraWEB allows you to have notifications sent for all your listings/keyboxes or you can have the notifications on just one listing/keybox.

To set up showing notifications, follow the instructions on the following document - (Click Here)

End of Showing notifications are automatically set up if you set up Showing Notifications in SupraWEB. You will receive a notification of the end of a showing if:

If none of the above occurs within 60 minutes of the beginning of the showing a message that the showing ended due to a timeout is sent to you

Non-Member Access (NMA)

NMA allows you to grant access to your listing to someone who does not have an eKEY - a homeowner who forgot their key, a contractor, or an agent from outside our area coming to do showings for the day.

In order for you to grant someone access (NMA) you have to:

To Grant Non-Member Access from SupraWEB:

To Grant Non-Member Access from the eKEY App:

For a summary sheet - click here

Click here for Non-member instructions you can send when issuing a non-member access, to help the recipient through the process.

There is also an option for non-members who provide, as their business, ancillary services that require entry to a home, to get their own eKEY and they should contact the MLS office directly.

CBS Codes - What are they and why do I need to know how to look them up?

Call Before Showing (CBS) codes are required with certain keys - those issued to non-members who provide, as their business, ancillary services that require entry to a home (photographers for example). When these individuals call for an appointment they will ask for a CBS code - they need that code in order to open the Keybox and access the property. Only the listing office and agent will have access to this information. So how do you give them that code?

CBS codes are available through SupraWEB.
If you use SupraWEB for agents:

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« Cooperating Areas

The SCWMLS currently has reciprocal agreements with the following REALTOR© Associations which can allow you to access their keyboxes:

Call the SCWMLS office (608-240-2800) or email to be added to a cooperating Supra lockbox system.

It can take a couple days to be set up so please plan ahead if you have showings in a reciprocal area.

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« Key System Rules

The eKEY is a wonderful timesaving tool that also carries with it the need for a huge amount of responsibility.

If you are found in violation of any of the policies outlines in your eKEY Software Lease and Usage Agreement, or any part of our MLS Lockbox System Rules (click to view), disciplinary action may range from a letter of warning to a fine of $1,000 and may also include termination of lockbox system and/or MLS services.

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« What is an iBOX

The Supra keybox works in conjunction with the eKEY. The Keybox holds the keys to the listed property. Any agent with an eKEY, with a confirmed appointment from the listing office/agent, will be able to obtain the keys to show the property to prospective buyers.

Supra Keyboxes are owned by the South Central Wisconsin MLS and loaned to MLS Participants (brokers) based on their listing inventory.

Who can be issued a Keybox?

Keybox checkout is limited to the Participant members (brokers) only. The keybox agreement must be signed by the broker, but can be picked up for the company by anyone the broker designates.

How many are issued?

Keyboxes are disbursed at a rate of 125% of current active, withheld/delayed and Offer-No Show (PND) listings in the following categories: single family, condo, and multi-family.

To check out boxes, call the MLS at 608-240-2800 or email A keybox agreement (CLICK HERE) must be signed by the broker before Keyboxes can be picked up.

What is a Shackle Code?

Each Keybox has its own shackle code. This releases the shackle so that it can be attached to a property (doorknob, railing, etc.) Shackle codes are distributed with each new keybox.

If you add your keyboxes to your eKEY inventory, either on SupraWEB or on your eKEY app, you can keep track of your shackle codes and have them available at your fingertips. The shackle code is also available from the MLS office.

To Release Shackle:

What is the Key Container?

The key container releases from the bottom of the Keybox using your eKEY and PIN. This is where the property keys are placed for safekeeping.

The correct location to place the house keys is in the compartment in the front, where the green sticker with bright yellow keys is attached. The back of the key compartment has a raised panel (with strikethrough key) and if the key is placed there and the key compartment somehow pushed back in to the box, it will very likely jam, as there is no lip to hold the key in place and no space inside the keybox.

Please use care in returning keys to the box, so you aren't preventing the next agent from showing the property.

To release the key container:

« Keybox Access Hours

Keyboxes come from the factory preset to open between the hours of:

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«Assigning Boxes

When opening a keybox shackle, if you select "Adding on a new listing" as the reason and have the "Add to Inventory" box checked, the box will be assigned to you in the eKEY app (under Inventory button) automatically. It will NOT be assigned on the SupraWEB database, however.

If you have ekey notifications turned on in your eKEY app (under Settings), and select "None of the Above" for the reason you opened the shackle, AND have the "Add to Inventory" box checked, you will receive the email below:

By clicking on the "click here" you will be taken to a screen where you can enter listing information:

You can also manually assign boxes in the eKEY app under the Inventory button, if you have the shackle code for that particular box, and you can add them on the SupraWEB agent website.

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« Keybox Activity Report

Each time an iBox key container is released it stores a showing record. If you assigned your keyboxes (either via the eKEY app, Paragon, or on SupraWEB online) you can view this information (date/time, showing agent name & phone number) by logging on to SupraWEB:

Or, if you have the iBox with you, your eKEY app allows you to read keybox activity to see who has opened the box (you must have the shackle code for that particular box in order to do so):

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« Lost Keyboxes

Lost iBoxes should be reported to the MLS office immediately. There is a $50/box replacement charge.

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« Defective Keyboxes

Defective iBoxes should be returned to the MLS office for repair and/or replacement. Typically there is no charge for this, unless due to causes beyond the normal wear and tear, in which case the broker will be assessed a $50/box charge.

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