MLS Online Photo Submission Form For Limited Access Members

(Full Members should submit photos directly within Paragon - For more information, click here)

The form below will help you submit your photo files to the MLS accurately. If you have not used this form before, please follow the directions below.

  1. Fill in your name, email address (in case we need to contact you about a problem), the property address.
  2. Fill in the MLS number. Double check it for accuracy! Your photos will be added to the MLS number that you type here. It's very important that you type this number correctly.
  3. Select the photo files you wish to upload.
  4. Continue selecting files until you have all of the photos that you want. You may add up to 25 images per listing.
  5. If your photo is a replacement for a photo already on the MLS, please upload the photo into the slot where you want the photo replaced.

Please note that uploading an image more than once will overwrite the original. Depending upon your connection speed, the uploads can take several minutes or more. Please allow the form to work. Do not close your web browser until you see the success/failure report.
If you have any questions or problems, feel free to call the MLS computer help line at (608)240-2800 or (800)422-8831 or you can email

Click here for Tips and Tricks uploading your photos into Paragon.

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